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Everyone is fighting for user’s attention on the internet. Some do it better, some worse, but we all want to reach potential clients. Statistics show, that users focus most on pictures and videos. If you want to exist on the web, you have to exist in the web and show something different that will grab…

28 May 2018
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We all know influencer is a great person to work with when promoting a product. They have a following of fans who will listen to them. They believe that if their celebrity works with a brand, it’s because the products are great – something worth having. So, if you want to promote your brand working…

27 May 2018
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After analyzing demographic statistics on 10 YouTube channels as well as their Facebook and Instagram profiles we found out that creators focus around them the same groups irrespective of the social media platform. It shouldn’t surprise anyone. When looking for a tool to reach our desired target group, we should remember one thing. Even if…

26 May 2018
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The demand for video on the web is increasing because this type of content generates the best ROI (return on investment). According to studies in 2019 video will take up 80% of all internet traffic. The biggest advantage of this format is the fact it stimulates hearing and sight simultaneously, stimulates imagination and is able…

25 May 2018
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Social media and video communication in them are now the most effective way of generating engagement among potential clients and changing it into sales. Videos are taking over the role that used to be reserved for television and advertisements in it. Now, communication in social media is full of “short brakes for advertisement”. The biggest…

24 May 2018
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Social media has become a communication channel important enough that people start to talk about it as an alternative television. Every one of us remembers the times when television was at it’s peak. Product promotion in it was accessible only to those who had a lot of money for advertising. You are probably able to…

23 May 2018
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