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Tests of a new Facebook function – keywords snooze, are under way. Thanks to it users will be able to snooze posts with certain keywords for 30 days. You’ve certainly had someone spoil your favorite show on Facebook before. Sometimes the temptation is just to strong, and you read a post even though you know…

16 July 2018
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Roihunter, a Facebook partner shared a lot of interesting news with us lately. It’s become clear what Facebook wants to focus on for the next six months. What are some of the most important Facebook trends? The main one of Facebook trends – Stories, stories, stories! During their presentation, the word Stories was probably the…

15 July 2018
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Which mistakes should you avoid during contact with clients or journalists while being a PR specialist? What not to do on the job? Here’s a list of five things PR specialists should never do. PR agencies are appearing out of nowhere lately as do PR specialists. However, there’s not that many public relations campaigns that…

14 July 2018
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Google’s DeepMind created a new method of teaching AI, that’s supposed to make it possible for AI to play games. However, the experiment is made to find solutions for much more difficult tasks than reaching new levels in computer games. Are Gaming AIs the future of gaming or is it’s purpose different? AI has problems…

13 July 2018
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Instagram released a new app allowing you to watch videos up to ten minutes long. How do you start an adventure with IGTV? We have the most important news on the app. Instagram creators shared two important news with users. First of them is the fact Instagram reached a billion users. We have been watching…

12 July 2018
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Artificial Intelligence can do many incredible things. Now it can also create it’s own memes. Scientists from Stanford used more than 400 000 pictures to teach the algorithm to create funny graphics. A kind of meme AI. Even though Artificial Intelligence is not new nowadays, it’s intensive development started out not so long ago. Yesterday…

11 July 2018
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