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Competition analysis from the point of view of SEO – where to start?

4 October 2018

An inherent part of building an SEO strategy is analyzing the competition in the market we are interested in. A…

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Guest blogging as an SEO tool – does it make sense?

3 October 2018

SEO content marketing or guest blogging – call it what you will, the terminology is not important here. It’s about…

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What is an SEO audit, how should it be done and what to expect from the person doing it?

2 October 2018

You’ve probably heard about SEO optimization. You know you use it to position websites in Google for certain phrases. You…

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SEO tactics – how to chose the best action plan for your company

1 October 2018

Building visibility in Google can be done in many ways. How to chose the optimal scenario for your website? It’s…

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7 rules of creating mailing concentrated on conversion

30 September 2018

Many marketers focuses on making sure their mailing creations are pretty. Today we will talk about the most important rules…

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Building a brand on a global market – 12 steps you have to take

29 September 2018

Globalization, instant communication, internet that eliminates distance and shortens the communication time drastically. You have that. But are you able…

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