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Stanford scientists taught AI how to create memes

11 July 2018

Artificial Intelligence can do many incredible things. Now it can also create it’s own memes. Scientists from Stanford used more than 400 000 pictures to teach the algorithm to create funny graphics. A kind of meme AI.

Even though Artificial Intelligence is not new nowadays, it’s intensive development started out not so long ago. Yesterday we told you about psychopath AI created by MIT scientists that sees death and suffering everywhere. The project was supposed to show the effects of using wrong data.

Scientists from Stanford University took a different approach and created a meme AI.

Dank learning

Dank learning is a method of teaching to generate memes through deep learning. Scientists showed the AI more than 400 000 pictures with 2600 labels from They taught the AI to generate it’s own memes.


Meme author: human or AI

The studies conducted by Stanford University show that memes created by an AI turn out to be as good as those created by people. The memes were graded by different people to make sure the results weren’t tempered with.

As a final test, scientists showed people from different backgrounds 20 memes. People had a difficulty differentiating between the memes created by an AI and those created by humans. The final rating was 7.0 out of ten for human-made memes and 6,8 for meme AI.

The people working on the project know that the biggest difficulty of the project was capturing the humor of people from different cultural background. Should we fear that in the future meme AI will be funnier than humans?

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