Video on Facebook – monetization, new features and the best practices

13 June 2018

Facebook is trying to interest people in their Watch platform and video format. They are informing about new features, tests and the best practices for putting this kind of information on the website. What is there to know about video on Facebook?

A while ago, Facebook informed us, that the priority on the website will be content that encourages interaction as well as videos that are often searched for and people often return to.

A few days ago creators of the website shared information about new features concerning video on Facebook. They also spoke about what publishers should do to adjust to requirements and monetize content.

Videos on Facebook – new features

The website creators announced new features: trailers for videos in the Watch news feed, pre-roll ads and content check for partners, that qualify a video for monetization even before it’s published. The first option will allow users to quickly watch what the video is about before they are send to Watch, where they will be able to see it all.

What’s more, pre-roll ads tests were promising, so now the platform is planning to expand them. The creators are also working on a tool that will choose the best place for an ad in the video on Facebook.

The best practices

The platform also has some advice for creators. One of them is to make sure you build communities in places where people look for content and do it outside of the information channel. That means, you should do it in groups. Pages or Watch platform. Those places make it possible for users to interact and to focus them around interesting subjects.

It’s also important to meet users expectations. Consistent voice and format encourage to watch the videos repeatedly and making time to do so. It that case, an interesting solution is a serial production, so users will expect it to continue and come back for more.

The platform creators also say that one of the good practices if it comes to video on Facebook is creating a schedule to publish videos and do it repeatedly in the same time. Users will get used to getting new videos at a certain time. So for example, if you post a new video every Friday at 5:00 PM, people will get there in time to see it fresh. Facebook also suggests, that publishing other content connected somehow to the video helps keep people engaged.

They stress the role of interaction and projecting active user experience. Creating subjects and engagement of commenting people makes them feel closer to us and our content.

What kind of content will loose it’s chance for monetization?

Facebook wants to take care of users, so they will not monetize content that has a low effect on society. Making money off of unoriginal or boring content will be hard. It mostly concerns unsuitable formats that aren’t videos at all, and have a minimum engagement. It means videos that are static, on a loop or are a redistribution of content from other sources. Original and suitable videos will be more attractive from the point of view of monetization. They are not considering the problem at present. However Facebook creators want people to know, they will judge the videos in the upcoming weeks and months.

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