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Brand Fanpage – how to build it to get to know everything about your clients?

16 May 2018

In the previous post I told you about the possibilities Facebook tools give you. We told you how you can find out almost anything about the people who are your clients or are on your mailing list. I also told you how to use your mailing list to improve your Facebook ad. Today we will talk about analyzing clients based on your brand fanpage. Unfortunately, it’s not as effective as with a mailing list. The reasons for this are:

– Not every fan is our client (even potential). Some of them like your brand fanpage to be nice (friends, family, coworkers). Of course theoretically they are your clients, but it’s not likely.

– Some of the people who follow you are your competition.

– Around 15% of Facebook accounts are fake or “dead”. Of course Facebook tries (effectively even) to deactivate them, but it’s not something that can eliminate 100% of those accounts. And maybe you have more than one Facebook account (breaking the site’s rules)? Think about it.

– Even if your fanpage follower is potentially your client, he doesn’t always give you all the data. It’s normal that people post fake information on Facebook. There are thousands of fake information, like “funny” things put in the place where work experience should be.

Even though there are limitations if you build your brand fanpage properly you will avoid a lot of problems and will have a lot of analysis possibilities.

How to build a brand fanpage to not regret it and monetize it

Right now almost every company has a fanpage. Let’s assume you think a fanpage might be useful for your company.

So… you created it and now your impatiently waiting for people to like it. But nothing happens. So you start a promotion to build a community. There’s a lot of ways to make sure people will like your fanpage. Buying likes, exchanging fans with other pages. It’s a good method especially in the beginning, when your fanpage is empty. In the beginning people hesitate before they sign up to it.

Another way is letting people know you exist. It isn’t easy nor fast. There are ways to build community fast and cost free, however they require a lot of creativity. We will talk about it in another article. You just have to follow some rules:

1. Inform people about your brand fanpage in the footer of your e-mail (yours and your employees), on your business cards (do you know how little people do it) and in promotional materials. What’s more the fanpage has to have it’s own name. Let’s say your fanpage is about planes. You can write the name of your fanpage in two ways:


It’s much easier for a client to type in a few words in the Facebook search engine, than to copy a string of numbers. Besides, the name of a fanpage already gives clients some information on what it is about. So having a name instead of a string of numbers is a good idea. Besides friends of the people who liked your fanpage will get a notification that says “John Smith likes Absolutely Love Planes”.

2. Inform people on your website or on your business cards that your fanpage is a place where they can communicate with you. That it’s equivalent to a phone or an e-mail. Treat other social media similarly (Twitter, Instagram). What’s more, if you inform clients and business partners about it, you have to make sure you treat your fanpage this way. Answer every Facebook message, no matter how insignificant it seems. Make sure you do it in time sorter than 10 minutes. You will get a badge that says you answer messages fast, and that’s something clients will appreciate, especially if they have a problem with a product or service and want answers quickly. It builds respect and trust.

3. Answer all posts your followers post on your page and never remove negative comments. Removing a comment is like admitting a mistake and if you remove a comment and someone has made a screen shot your business will get a lot more negative comments. It’s better to just answer them in a calm manner.

4. NEVER ADVERTISE products in every other post on your fanpage. Instead of doing that interact with them. Ask what they like, and what they would change. Answer all comments. Always thank for a positive opinion. Even if someone just writes “Nice fanpage”, just write back “Thank you”.

All those pointers are just a beginning. Soon I will tell you all about how to gain a lot of fans in a short time (social mouth marketing, conscious marketing, influencers etc.) But today we will focus on who are your fans.

I have a fanpage and I have fans. How do I check who they are?

Analyzing fans from a fanpage is not that different from analyzing those from a mailing list. I wrote about it in my previous article. There’s just one difference: in the ads manager the source of analysis is not your mailing list, but your fans.

Go to your Ads Manager and find “Audience Insights”. Once you’re there enter the name of the fanpage you want to get the data from. It has to be your fanpage, otherwise Facebook will not let you see the data. You can also go to the “Page Likes” site. If pages similar to what you do are not the majority of the top10 sites your followers like, you’re good.

However, if you do find a lot of fanpages there that are similar to what you do, you have to dig deeper. Find out what the people like and target your marketing at them. For example, you have a fanpage with accessories for coffee lovers. You see that 20% of your fans doesn’t like another fanpage that talk about coffee. Use that group of people to create lookalike audiences and target an ad at them. There’s a good chance you will find an ocean of people who love coffee and will like your fanpage.


Building a society around a fanpage on Facebook is not easy and it’s impossible to do it all in a short time. However, it’s worth to do it. If our fan base grows steadily we can analyze the group all the time. We will know their shopping preferences and even know what and where they eat. And that’s a first step to creating a precise ad.

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